Things my Dad taught me

My Dad

My dad passed away July 11. After someone dies, we have a tendency to remember an idealized version them. You see it all the time with celebrities or politicians or saints. I can’t do that with my Dad and he wouldn’t want me to. He made a lot of mistakes in his amazing, imperfect life. But, it is important to acknowledge what he taught me and our family about life by his words, example, successes, failures and faith. Here’s a few of them:

My dad taught me that no matter how hard you try, Birkenstocks and white socks do not go with any outfit.

My dad taught me that there’s no such thing as background music. Any music worth listening to must be played loud.

My dad taught me not to be afraid of people, places, music and food that are outside my experience.

My dad taught me that sweat pants and tie dye never go out of style…for some.

My dad taught me that the in crowd isn’t really in.

My dad taught me that it’s OK to question authority, unless it was him.

My dad taught me that pain is part of life and trying to bury it doesn’t work.

My dad taught me that addiction is a demon but that it can be conquered.

My dad taught me that saying, “I would never do that,” is a dangerous thing to say.

My dad taught me not to judge others.

My dad taught me how to forgive.

My Dad taught me to give my faults to Jesus.

My dad taught me that life is people and to love them in all their wonderful messiness.

My dad taught me that generosity and hospitality are love in action.

My Dad taught me that God is good, we are not, but we are loved.

My Dad taught me that Jesus demonstrates God’s love in his life death and resurrection.

My dad taught me that no one is past redemption and that “nothing can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus.”

Most importantly, or at least second most importantly, my dad taught me to never, ever overcook the pasta.


4 thoughts on “Things my Dad taught me

  1. Elizabeth Holcomb (Janiak) says:

    I wanted to be at his memorial but my sister Diana was killed in a freak accident. I got a few chuckles out of some of these lessons, I remember the white socks and Birkenstocks… Love to you, Micah, and your entire family. Auntie Elizabeth

  2. Dan Brown says:

    Hey, Micah. Decided to do a look up on you and your siblings. So happy to see how you’ve grown–up/older, and in the Lord! Sorry to hear about your father, my friend, Ed. It was so fun to read your reflections on what you learned from him. And, yes, I remember how he used to blast the music in the home! Feel free to write me some time when you get a chance; I left my email address. (I can only imagine what crazy memories you have of me!) Dan

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