Happy Birthday little brother


There is this guy I know. He’s pretty cool, and by that, I mean miles cooler than me. He taught me that mustaches aren’t just for Mario, Luigi, cops or The Village People. Mustaches can be hip too. He taught me that when you have a big heart everyone sees it and nothing can crush it. He’s been through a lot, not the least of which was growing up the youngest of six kids, separated from his older brothers by three sisters and 6 years. But, he’s survived  — a testament to that big heart and a bit of testy resolve.

I am blessed that Edward Garbarino is my younger brother. And instead saying something embarrassing (as older brothers are apt to do), I’ll tell you that one of the great joys of my life has been watching Hat Creek roll by and looking downstream to see him fishing there, San Francisco Giants cap on his head, fishing-rod bent, sunglassed-eyes homing in on where his line disappears into the water and a big Italian grin on his face.

Happy Birthday brother. I love you. I am excited to watch you continue to become the man God will make you for Jess and any future mustached-minions.


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