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‘Toward the upward call’

Child at CIF children's camp

Child at Calvary Chapel Githruai’s children’s camp, August 2011. (Photo by Micah Garbarino)

“If you abide in my word then you are truly my disciples and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

But, Lord, I don’t feel free. My office transforms daily into the bowels of Mt. Tartarus, my hobbies don’t distract me anymore and I feel a bit out of place.

“Were you listening Micah?”

Yes, Lord.

“Then you heard me say ‘If/then’ didn’t you?”

Yes, Lord.

“Well then, are you abiding in my word? My word spoken for your life? A word that will bring you abundant life? Have you heard me call?”

Lately, my life, which has felt to blessed for years, has been filled with the constant creak and groan of a slowly decaying dream  – a bit “Once in a Lifetime-ish”. Things I once thought important are slipping away and a new vision is being placed there. The slow divorce from self has been a painful, promised blessing.

God calls us to “put on” Christ and I want our family to be a light in a world of darkness – to share the good news of the gospel with those who will listen, and to lean on the promises of God, trusting Him in complete obedience.

When we were teenagers, I told Christy that I loved her so much that I’d be a garbage man (no offense to that noble profession, where would we be without them?) in any Podunk town, on a broke down street, in a beat up house.  I knew in the core of my being that nothing material mattered as long as I had her by my side. It’s still true, but now we also truly know the One who gave up so much more than words to have a relationship with all of us.

He has always been there  – “a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” And now we’re telling Him – whenever, wherever, whoever. Nothing matters as long as we have Him by our side.

Two years ago I went to Kenya on a short-term mission trip. Many of you reading this supported our team through prayer and giving, and the Lord used your hearts and that trip to change my heart and set our family on a path that I am extremely excited about.

After much prayer and counsel, we are planning purposefully toward an opportunity to minister in Kenya alongside Ed and Kelli Compean. The first step is a “vision tour” which we hope to make in late February or early March of 2014. Of course, it will be completely up to the Him.

In speaking with missionaries and ‘senders,’ the road to the field can be a long and winding one. There are many things that must be worked during a transition like this. I am excited to see how God will move as we step forward in faith. I hope you are too.

Please pray with us for God to provide for the trip, to straighten our path, to provide us with strength and courage, to protect us from the enemy, and above all that wherever He leads us, He will be glorified. (Philipians 3:7-21)

We’ll use this blog to post updates about our family, the work of Ed and Kelli and the brothers and sisters in Kenya, and random thoughts that may or may not be worth reading. God Bless!


One thought on “‘Toward the upward call’

  1. Ed Compean says:

    Reblogged this on Ed & Kelli in the Utermost and commented:
    I’ve always been intrigued by the various aspects of “the call.” Paul was called to Asia Minor and then a man of Macedonia appeared to him in a vision and he changed course for the whole band of missionaries in Acts 16. Then there is no man, but a woman waiting for him in Macedonia. Kind of radical crazy. It is always different than it was supposed to be and it is always different for each person. It is seldom along a seashore, but somewhere we all must hear a version of, “Come follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men.”
    I encourage you to read our friend Micah’s new blog. It is an opportunity to witness the call in play. I encourage you to pray for his family. They are about to something radical crazy. Sure, people through the ages have responded to the call, every one of them had an encounter with Jesus and did something radical. Join us in witnessing it again.

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